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Single Use access

Our client’s favorite session  length is half day, and we offer other options, too  This real time calendar is up to date and lets you  schedule  up to 365 days in advance.  If you need a slightly different start time, email, text, call us.  (for example, you need 3:30 and only 2:00 is available.)

**NEW**  If you want extra time for set up or prep, you can add 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session time.  See the add on option when you book.

Need the details and rules?  Check ’em out here

Package Rates

We can save you money with our VIP package plans.   Manage your costs and pick either single payment or easy monthly auto pay. Monthly packages include your first session free each month and a discount on every rental after that. No contract or long term membership hassles, schedule your sessions when you need them.