Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (LIGHT)

Are you an amazing natural light photographer who wants to learn the basics of photography lighting?

Do you want to be able to better blend natural lights with speedlights or constant light to make your photos look better and need less time in photoshop?

You are not alone, so Maine Street Studio has put together a

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (Light)

workshop in our studio that is custom designed for your camera and your style of photography.

This is a personal, one-on-one workshop so please bring your camera and be ready to shoot.

You will work on these ideas:

  • Exposure basics (yes, you know this, but a quick review so we both use the same terms)
  • Shooting in natural light — and it’s limits
  • Adding a reflector
  • Adding a constant light (or two)
  • On camera vs off camera lighting
  • Adding a speedlight – flash
  • Adding a studio strobe

This workshop is centered on your experience level from beginner to advanced and designed for your camera, using your equipment and ours in our studio. What you learn will work in other locations and help you for all your future shoots.

What we give you:

  • 90 minutes of personal one on one coaching and help in our studio plus beverages: coffee, water tea
  • A hand out (paper and online) of links to other tutorials and videos on line
  • Suggested lighting diagrams for a typical studio shoot with notes for your camera and lens

What you need to bring:

  • Your camera, batteries lens, memory card and eagerness to learn
  • Optional: any lights, speedlights, flashes you want to use better
  • A model (your friend, your neighbor, your mom, your spouse) someone willing to have you take their photo
  • Your sense of humor (we’re going to laugh together, be ready)

$99 for 90 minutes
Includes 50% coupon for 2 hour mini session 

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Wait, don’t have a model or want to save money?  Bring a photographer friend and both of you can learn from the workshop for $179