Simple, quick lighting ideas — natural light and strobes

Here’s two super short videos on lighting photos. It’s a great idea starter for both in-studio and on-location shooting.

Our most successful photographers tell us their clients want to enjoy their photo session experience and will by photos  to remind them of their time with you.  Give them more options and they will buy more poses and prints.

PS: if you need lighting we now offer a range of lighting kits for your use.

One minute lighting

And a 3 minute in studio — outdoors session

Mailing list and Facebook 2018

Hi all, like all good things, Facebook is evolving. (Click to see the post from Mark Zuckerberg’s official account.)

The short answer is your main Facebook feed will feature fewer videos and fewer posts from pages and more content from friends and pages you interact with.

We’ll all react to these changes differently because each of our Facebook feeds is radically different.

From what we’ve read, an occasional like or comment on our MaineStreetStudio page will help you continue to see the samples of work done here by our clients.  At the same time, we  limit our posts

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Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (LIGHT)

Are you an amazing natural light photographer who wants to learn the basics of photography lighting?

Do you want to be able to better blend natural lights with speedlights or constant light to make your photos look better and need less time in photoshop?

You are not alone, so Maine Street Studio has put together a

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (Light)

workshop in our studio that is custom designed for your camera and your style of photography.

This is a personal, one-on-one workshop so please bring your camera and be ready to shoot.

You will work on these ideas:

  • Exposure basics (yes, you know this, but a quick review so we both use the same terms)
  • Shooting in natural light — and it’s limits
  • Adding a reflector
  • Adding a constant light (or two)
  • On camera vs off camera lighting
  • Adding a speedlight – flash
  • Adding a studio strobe

This workshop is centered on your experience level from beginner to advanced and designed for your camera, using your equipment and ours in our studio. What you learn will work in other locations and help you for all your future shoots.

What we give you:

  • 90 minutes of personal one on one coaching and help in our studio plus beverages: coffee, water tea
  • A hand out (paper and online) of links to other tutorials and videos on line
  • Suggested lighting diagrams for a typical studio shoot with notes for your camera and lens

What you need to bring:

  • Your camera, batteries lens, memory card and eagerness to learn
  • Optional: any lights, speedlights, flashes you want to use better
  • A model (your friend, your neighbor, your mom, your spouse) someone willing to have you take their photo
  • Your sense of humor (we’re going to laugh together, be ready)

$99 for 90 minutes
Includes 50% coupon for 2 hour mini session 

Schedule Appointment

Wait, don’t have a model or want to save money?  Bring a photographer friend and both of you can learn from the workshop for $179

Amazing small studio example

Our dedicated, shared space; Studio A is ready to use with no lease on a month to month shared calendar.  It’s right around 600 square feet and is ideal for sessions and in-person sales.  What’s the best way to use it?

Check out this video via Sue Bryce education.  If you know Bryce’s style of imagery and approach to the business of portraits, you’ll enjoy the video even more.  It’s from her Studio Tour series.

The photographer is my friend and colleague Paul Gero in Orange County, California.  Paul and I worked on assignments in South Africa and Norway in the early 2000’s.

He runs an amazing portrait studio out of his garage — you have to SEE it!  He says in the video, “It’s a 20 x 20 space, I’d love to have 12 foot ceilings and an extra 10 feet, but I’m gonna make do with what I’ve got.”

You’ll love both is approach to business and the way’s he works the space.

See the video HERE:

Our own Studio A photos:

Back and White seamless paper — other colors available. 40 feet shooting space
Affordable, flexible, accesible space for sessions and in person sales
20 foot white wall, plenty of original 1920’s brick
600 square feet with north and east window

Cyber Monday Studio Savings

A rental commercial photo studio isn’t the the kind of business you think of for  “Cyber Monday Sales” but it seems only fair to share some great opportunities for new and existing clients as you plan your budgets and business goals for 2018.

It’s our way of saying “thank you” to the more than 60 photographers who have used our studio to make money and thrill their clients.

UPDATED: Thanks all, we’ll offer something great again next year.


The details:

Take a look inside

By purchasing a package, you agree to follow rules and terms as listed on our website

  • Packages are paid in full at time of purchase.
  • Studio time may be scheduled at any time and used within 365 days of purchase.
  • Studio time is reserved in 2 hour increments up to multiple days.
  • Studio time is reserved based on availability at time of booking.
  • We get it, things happen, and reserved time may be rescheduled to another available time.
  • SHARING time: one or more clients may share the use of an Annual package, drop us a note or call so we can work out details and access.
  • Additional fees such as studio clean up, additional prop rental, custom backdrop rental, lighting rental or photo assistant is charged at our normal rates.

THANK YOU, for your support and creativity and let’s make your holiday season a bit better as you plan your photography success in 2018.

Need some snow in your photos? Joey L has some inspiration

Want to add some snow to your holiday photo sessions?  Check out this inspiration from Joey L for some amazing inspiration on how to create an indoor blizzard.  A short segment from his Creative Live class.  Snow sessions look great and keep everyone warmer when done in-studio. And YES, you can rent our snow machine for your session.

If you are a family portrait photographer, I can’t think of a better way to get a real smile from kids than you making it “snow” indoors.  It’s a session they will always remember.

White seamless? Tips from one of the best

White seamless is a classic look with so many ways to customize your final images.  Here’s some great tips from pro Zack Arias that will jumpstart your use of this timeless backdrop.

Zack says the minimum space he wants is an area 10′ x 30′.  In both our main North Loft Studio and our Dedicated Studio, we have 10 x 40 (plus) for our seamless areas.

First time renting a professional photo studio?

Is this your first time renting a professional studio?  Relax, you’re in good company, and even seasoned professionals with years of experience may never have had the need to rent a professional studio.

You can do a Google search to learn some great tips and the folks at Adorama TV have this video on how to rent and plan your studio session.

At Maine Street Studio we welcome your visit before you rent and will show you everything that is included in your rental.  Our dressing rooms have closing doors, huge make-up spaces, clothing racks, and room for your client to spread out.  (Some high school senior portrait clients bring more wardrobe than agency models.)

The refrigerator is stocked (help yourself) and we have built-in and portable backdrops.

What you see in our studio is included in your rental — and remember, we have access to the huge warehouse of props from Stuart Alexander Productions and One Source Event Rental.