The Rental Photo Studio

Maine Street Studio –  on the corner of Maine Street and Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.

Rent the affordable, timeless, unique photo studio that will thrill your clients and take your images and business to the next level. With flexible studio options to give you total control over the mood and light, Maine Street Studio is open for casual and professional photography use.

Central Iowa’s premiere urban loft photography studio setting, with high ceilings, original wood floors and north facing floor-to-ceiling windows.  The studio gives the perfect light any time of day.  You have 3200 square feet and widely spaced structural beams give your images an urban feel.  Or mix it up and take advantage of the wide clear span for a sense of openness. The retro wood and brick stairwell can add a unique setting for portraits and if you have big props, the freight elevator is just steps away.

Schedule your session

Single Use access

Our client’s favorite session  length is half day, and we offer other options, too  This real time calendar is up to date and lets you  schedule  up to 365 days in advance.  If you need a slightly different start time, email, text, call us.  (for example, you need 3:30 and only 2:00 is available.)

**NEW**  If you want extra time for set up or prep, you can add 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session time.  See the add on option when you book.

Need the details and rules?  Check ’em out here

Package Rates

We can save you money with our VIP package plans.   Manage your costs and pick either single payment or easy monthly auto pay. Monthly packages include your first session free each month and a discount on every rental after that. No contract or long term membership hassles, schedule your sessions when you need them. 

Dedicated Shared Studio Space Option

Dedicated space — No Lease — Monthly access

We have dedicated studio space for higher volume use and flexibility without the hassles of a long term lease.    A shared  studio with your own security code access, connected to the Maine Street Studio North Loft.

Approximate 600 square foot studio with north and east facing windows, shared by no more than 5 photographers (photographers can start any day of the month, our rolling start means there is a short wait list. There is no cost to be added to the wait list).  No  lease required, no deposit necessary,  use by the month. Photographers self-schedule sessions. Storage and in person sales display wall.  Showcase your work when clients visit the studio.

Monthly use:  $225

Add access to North Loft Studio and TheLoftDSM event space for $99 per month.


Gallery – Inside the studio

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.

Maine Street Studio is located on the corner on Indiana Avenue and Maine Street, Des Moines, Iowa.  Photographers, videographers and designers began using the amazing space and light here in 2012.

Maine Street Studio is ideal for professional photographers as well as amateur and casual shooters.  We also have private storage and access to props, backdrops, and unique furniture from our neighbors: Stuart Alexander Productions and One Source Event Rentals.

By the numbers:

We are 2 blocks north of University Avenue,  just off the 2nd Avenue I-235 exit.

We are 4 minutes to East Village.

We are 15 minutes to Des Moines International Airport.

Walking distance to Scooters coffee.

  • 3200 square feet (about the size of a high school basketball court)
  • 12 foot ceilings
  • Open floor space
  • Work room & set shop directly off studio floor
  • Amazing natural light from north facing glass block windows
  • Raw loft look and feel, with air conditioning, heat, and 110 / 220 electric
  • WiFi
  • Video monitor
  • Separate bathroom and changing area
  • Clothing Steamer & wardrobe rack
  • Grip cart with gaff tape, clamps, extension cords, power strips
  • 20 foot wide grey wall
  • 20 foot wide white wall
  • Ceiling mounted seamless backdrops 107″ wide.   White and black, other colors available
  • 8 foot V flats, reflectors and portable backdrops
  • Lighting rental available


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